Student Clubs

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Advisor: Mary Chung • Room MJ4
Time & Place: Daily 3:10-4:00p
Club Details:
Refining our Mathematics skills and preparing for the EGUSD Mathlete competitions.

 Recycling Club
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Advisor: Michelle Foltz • Room: MH4
Time & Place: Tuesday - 3:15-4:00p
Club Details:
The Recycling Club is working to establish a culture in our school where recycling cans and bottles is the norm. All are welcome. You can join anytime!

Dance/Hip Hop Club
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Advisor: Celey-Butlin • Dance Room
Time & Place: Monday & Wednesday • 3:15-4:15
Club Details:
Students will learn and perform a series of dances that cover genres like hip/hop, Polynesian, etc. Students will perform during rallies or other school functions. Love to dance? Come check us out!

 Wellness Club
wellness club icon
Advisor & Place: Crystal Jones • Room MH6
Day & Time: Monday (7th Grade Lunch)
Club Details:
Activities and discussions will include yoga stretches, breathing, exercise, healthy eating, bullying prevention & much more.

Sports Club
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Advisor: Ron James • Meet on the Blacktop
Time & Place: Tue/Thu 8th Grade Lunch
Club Details:
A group for those that want to play and compete in a variety of different sports. Football is up first!

 Yarn Club
blue yarn icon
Advisor: Dawn Vollmar • MK1
Time & Place: Mondays - Both Lunches
Club Details:
Learn how to knit hats with your friends. Make one and donate one! We can also make scarves! All basic materials provided. Enthusiastic fingers needed!

Culture Club
culture club icon
Advisor: Lolly Jones James • MF3
Time & Place: 8th Grade Lunch
Club Details:
To learn about other cultures and people through presentations, food, and interaction. Members are required to give one presentation each year.

Bible Club
bible club icon
Advisor: Ryan Steffens • Room MK8
Time & Place: Fridays 7th Grade Lunch
Club Details:
More details to come!

Cartoon Club
cartoon club icon
Advisor:TBD • Room TBD
Time & Place: TBD
Club Details:
Club details to come.

 Disney Club
disney club icon
Advisor: TBD • Room TBD
Time & Place: TBD
Club Details:
More details to come. 

Readers Are Leaders
book icon
Advisor: Wendy Murrill • Library
Time & Place: 8:35a - 1st & 3rd Wed each Month
Club Details:
A student forum for reading and discussing all things books.

 Club Live
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Advisor: Michelle Foltz • MH4
Time & Place: 8:15a - every Wednesday
Club Details:
Club Live is an extension of the successful Friday Night Live program and is aimed at middle school students.  Focuses on building positive relationships, developing confident young people and encourages youth to care about each other.

Chess Club
chess club icon
Advisor: Mr. Thomas • Room MG1
Time & Place: 8th Grade Lunch
Club Details:
Play and practice the game of chess. "A well placed Pawn can be more powerful than a King."

Anime Club
anime club icon
Advisor: Jennifer Hart • Room MG6
Time & Place: Tuesdays 8th Grade Lunch
Club Details:
Watch, Draw and discuss anime. 

Pride Club
Pride Club
Advisor: Haley Burgos • Room MF6
Time & Place: Tue/Thu - Lunch 8
Club Details:
A safe space to hang out, be yourself, and learn about different genders and sexualities.

Debate Club
debate club icon
Advisor: TBD • Room TBD
Time & Place: TBD
Club Details:
More details to come.

I Love K Pop Club
i love kpop icon
Advisor: J. Hart • MG6/T. Rodriguez • MJ6
Time & Place: Tues - 8L/Mon - 7L & Fri 3:10-4p
Club Details:
Share a love for KPoP music. Listen to Kpop music. Write fan letters to Kpop artists.

calligraphy icon
Advisor: Jeanne DeLaney • MC6
Time & Place: after-school; last 3 weeks of Term 2
Club Details:
6 Meeting Dates: 11/28, 11/29, 12/5, 12/7, 12/12, 12/14. No fees. No enrollment application. All supplies free. For all students. Invite your friends.

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