When students check out textbooks and library books, they agree to be responsible for lost or damaged items. The materials are on loan for student use and must be returned by the due date and in good condition. The library staff discourage leaving books in classrooms, since students are responsible for all materials checked out in their name. It is the student's responsibility to bring all books back to the library to be checked in at the end of the course or the end of the school year, or if the student withdraws from school. Keep your books in your possession at all times (don't share with others or leave them unattended). Students who do not return books by the due date, or damage or lose books and incur a fine, will be placed on the No-Activities List until the book is returned or the fine is paid in full.

Students:  The library staff recommend that you:
- Keep your books clean and dry, and covered.
- Use a waterproof backpack, or keep a plastic bag inside your backpack that you can put your books in during rainy weather.
- Refrain from tossing or dropping books.
- Refrain from writing in books.
- If you put a water bottle inside your backpack, make sure the lid is screwed down tightly.

Do you want directions for how to cover your textbook with a brown grocery bag? Click here.

Circulation of Library Materials

A current school ID card is required to borrow library materials. Replacement cards are available for $5.

Student assumes financial responsibility for lost or damaged items.

Books are checked out for three weeks, and must be returned in good condition or renewed at the end of the loan period. Students may have up to three library books checked out at a time.

No fines are charged for overdue materials, although students are unable to check out additional library books until the overdue materials are returned or paid for.


Library computer use before school and at lunch is based on availability.

Students log on using their personal account information. Do not share your user name or password with others.

Students must adhere to the Elk Grove Unified School District's Acceptable Use for Computers, including submission of the Application for Education Use of the Internet. Please refer to the school handbook for details. Computers are to be used for school purposes only: research, checking Synergy, or word processing and/or other software use for class projects, etc. Misuse or abuse of computer privileges may result in disciplinary action that could include loss of computer privileges, or on campus or home suspension.


The library is intended as a quiet location for studying or reading. Please speak quietly and respect other students' right to work without interruption. Follow the directions of library and other school staff. Leave your food, drinks, gum, candy etc. outside. All school rules, including those that apply to passes, dress code and electronic devices will be enforced.


  1. Verbal warning for inappropriate behavior which violates library or school rules.
  2. The second violation of library or school rules may result in immediate removal from the library, loss of library privileges and/or administrative discipline referral.
  3. Continual and/or flagrant abuse of library or school rules may result in a referral for administrative disciplinary action.

Library Materials Selection Policy

All materials are selected with the intention that they support the school curricula, help students become effective users of information, and foster a love of reading. Specifically library materials will be selected that:

  • support and enhance the school curricula and state and district standards
  • provide up-to-date information in a variety of formats
  • reflect the diversity of the school and the community
  • represent varying points of view
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