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Spanish Class

Spanish 1 is a two term, high school level course that introduces students to the Spanish language and cultures. A communicative approach will be emphasized, using the target language through listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills. Students will also study various Spanish-speaking cultures that exist in the world.

The Students will:

  • communicate in Spanish
  • gain knowledge and understanding of Spanish speaking cultures
  • connect Spanish Language skills with other disciplines
  • develop insights into the nature of language and culture
Teacher Extension Team 
Teresa Herrera-Guerrero 31954 Timber
Course Syllabus 
Spanish 1 view/print
1.) Memorize the Vocabulary
Memorize the vocabulary within 4-5 days of creating the new set of flashcards.
2.) Vocabulary helps us learn Grammar
Grammar lessons and practice will often be more difficult if the vocabulary isn’t mastered.
3.) Use your resources!
... vocabulary flashcards, class notes, hojas importantes (study guides),
4.) Homework
Turn in all homework on time.
5.) Class Notes
Take good notes and revisit them at home.
6.) Tutoring
Come to tutoring or use Wolfpack Hour to get extra help.