2019 Spring Art Showcase Winners

2019 Spring Art Show

Best in Show  
Alexander Mendez • Mask Project
Letter Project
  Animal Project
1st Alyssa Lem
  1st Eric Su
2nd Isabella Wright
  2nd Samantha Meredith
3rd Emma Nguyen
  3rd Mackenzie Mainer
Coil Vessel
  Coil Teapot
 1st Mariyah Pacheco
  1st Emma Nguyen
 2nd Ava Hermann
  2nd Ashraya Vang
 3rd Isai Meza
  3rd Myra Acosta
Synectic Sculpture

Mask Project
1st Azalyn Brager
  1st Deslyn de Guia
2nd Karissa Siapongco
  2nd Isabella Wright
3rd Myra Acosta
  3rd Marie Ndulue

Course Introduction

Ceramics is an introduction to the basic skills and processes of working with clay. The focus for 7th and 8th grade ceramics is primarily on handbuilding techniques using three methods; pinch, coil, and slab. Students will create an average of three projects per term that embody the three building methods learned in class. Although 7th and 8th grade projects vary, the handbuilding techniques remain the same.

Students are encouraged to be creative problem solvers while working with clay. Oftentimes unanticipated problems arise that students are expected to think through in order to achieve their construction goal. The wonderful thing about clay is its ability to be reworked and reformed. Nothing is final until after the clay has been fired in the kiln, and even then it can be altered by glazing.

Ceramics also involves learning and applying basic color theory to projects created. Students will apply three different techniques and a variety of color schemes on their projects. Students will apply a glaze finish, a wax resist, as well as use acrylic paints to complete their projects.

A final component of ceramics is to learn the academic vocabulary taught in class, including the basic elements and principles of design, and to incorporate that language into oral and a written critiques. Please encourage your student to talk about their work at home using the vocabulary learned in class. Art criticism is an important aspect of art in both 7th and 8th grades as well as in high school.

Students will have a fabulous learning experience creating amazing and unique pottery. In addition, this course will inspire confidence and encourage students to be creative problem-solvers!



Teacher Extension
Logan Brown

Course Syllabus 

Course Syllabus 
Elements of Design view/print
Fabrication Costs
Principles of Design
Scavenger Hunt view/print
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