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2022 Bridge Department
2022 2023 Bridge Department

Bridge Concept

Bridge Concept

Bridge is the hybrid of math and reading, with reasoning as the common theme. In bridge class we will focus on:
Geometric reasoning: students will use logic to practical problems related to everything from scale drawings, to transformations in the coordinate plane, to triangle congruency

Statistical reasoning
: students will make meaning of data through analysis of probability and the basics of statistics

Reasoning about non-fiction
: students will dig deep into non-fiction text, and use this as a basis to make reasoned arguments related to topics as varied such as celebrities and robots.

Reasoning about fiction
: students will read a complete novel, and use their reading skills as a basis for analyzing topic, theme, point of view and inference.


Throughout the year, students will also be building key academic vocabulary. The overall goal of bridge, beyond meeting state math standards, is to prepare students as critical thinkers moving into high school and beyond.

Suggested Materials

  • Three Pronged Folders (X2)
  • Graphing Calculator - Math 1 Students
  • Composition Notebook