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2023/2024 Science Department



The Science Department is currently engaged in shifting our lessons to the Next Generations Science Standards.  The new standards combine science, math, and engineering practices.  There is an emphasis on reading, discussion and evidence-based writing.  The curriculum is shifting towards learning concepts through investigative models.

7th Grade - Life Science
Life science, including cells and cellular processes, ecosystems, heredity and evolution, and family life. 
8th Grade - Physical Science
Thermal, electrical, and magnetic energy and forces and motion. 

There is a requested donation of $15 to help fund batteries, dissections, chemistry labs, and other consumable lab supplies.

Suggested materials include: a composition book, a binder or folder, glue sticks, pencils, pens, highlighters, colored pencils and binder paper.  Access to a computer is highly recommended. The science team will continue to encourage and help students in participating in Science Fairs.  There is also NASA Club sponsored by Ms. Bradford after school once a week.  We welcome parent volunteers who wish to help with any of these activities.  We also encourage you to collect and donate box tops for Box Tops for Education, which help us fund these extracurricular activities.