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Tundra Wolves



7th Grade

Tundra Wolves teachers are anxious to meet our new wolf pups!  We are looking forward to a terrific two years! 
Here are some things you might want to know…
  • We have team incentives each term.  Some past incentives have included, “No Zero Hero”, “You Are a Smart Cookie”, “In the groove…’cuz I improved.”
  • We have team spirit wear for you to purchase.
And here are some things to help you be successful…
  • Come to school every day  -  we miss you when you are gone!
  • Use Synergy to stay in touch with your teachers and monitor your progress.
  • Write your HW in your Planner in every class, every day.
  • Complete your HW and turn it in on time, and review for quizzes and tests.
If you need help, please see any of your Terrific Tundra Teachers before or after school or at lunch!   We look forward to a successful year, and to celebrating your achievements!

8th Grade

Welcome back 8th graders!  Last year was a year of tremendous growth and achievement.  There have been quite a few changes to our teams this year, but every teacher is ready to help our students reach their potential.
This year, we transition from School Loop to Synergy.  Synergy will now be the easiest way for you to track student progress and email teachers.  Please be patient as we make this transition.
Eighth grade is a big year and we are ready to finish the work already begun preparing each student to be successful in high school and beyond.